Haciendo amistad con las máquinas

Esta serie de estampas fue realizada con matrices de aluminio y las máquinas utilizadas para dibujar tienen un lugar de creación al liberar su fuerza motora.


Registros de movimiento en superficies cambiantes son reproducidas en papel y grabadas a su vez con dispositivos electrónicos, se realizaron tomas sonoras y fílmicas

You find transition and change, continuity and discontinuity, routine and surprise, multiple unities of manifold kinds, realities of various stuffs and powers — all connected with one another by transitions from next to next, each standing away, alone, unmitigated, unincludable, now from some things, now from others.

You find movement. You find beginnings, you find endings, you find continuity and you find transformation. In a word, the world of the daily life which we touch and see and hear and smell and taste, which we struggle against and work together with, need be none other than we experience it to be.


Trabajo en colaboración con máquinas y humanxs, con instancias instalativas, performáticas y expositivas

Karl Blossfeldt — Urformen Der Kunst
Pequeñas acuarelas


Zephyr INS 6

Shepherd Lad KY 216

Franz Brentano

The objects of sensory experience are deceptive ... We have no right ... to believe that the objects of so-called external perception really exist as they appear to us. Indeed, they demonstrably do not exist outside of us. In contrast to that which really and truly exists, they are mere phenomena.

William Carlos Williams

This is the trap — either what we seek is within the bounds of the understanding or beyond it. If outside it does not exist for us, much less for our imagination; if inside it is bounded by that and must be so defined before it can be conceived — this precedes all further progress.

The Embodiment of Knowledge
Laconic, 1987

Sail/Waves 1 — postcard design

Let Perish the Money Tyrants
Peace to the Cottages —
War to the Arts Council


I know noble accents
And lucid, inescapable rhythms;
But I know, too,
That the blackbird is involved
In what I know.

Wallace Stevens
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird